Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bright paints and black lights

Andrew sees what the black paint does his artwork.
Andrew had spent about 20 minutes on his masterpiece. It included streaks of orange, blue dots and a kelly green shamrock. (It was, after all, St. Patrick's Day.)

Then he put his artwork beneath the black light and he barely recognized it.

The orange glowed like the sun's surface, the blue shimmered like Caribbean water and the shamrock was nearly translucent.

That's what happens when you put fluorescent paint beneath a black light, Ms. Lisa explained.
Gavyn paints her black canvas in bright colors.
Studio MPL is our art club for kids in first through fifth grade. They meet on the third Monday of each month.

This week, they learned about fluorescent paints—who created them, how to use them and how different types of light affect them.
Bela smiles as she paints.
In past months, the kids have learned everything from weaving to inking. They've made paper cutouts in the style of Matisse and even channeled Jackson Pollock.

The only way to know what they're going to do next is to get in on the fun.

The next Studio MPL meeting is 4 p.m. Monday, April 21, at the Mentor Public Library's Main Branch.

For more photos from Studio MPL's most recent session, go to our Facebook page.

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