Friday, December 20, 2013

Kids channel Jackson Pollock and make mess-terpieces

Our Studio MPL Art Club--you remember them, right?--learned about Jackson Pollock and even imitated some of his techniques Monday at Mentor Public Library.

They used straws, toy cars, plastic spiders, marbles, yarn, sections of pool noodles and blunt ends of the paintbrushes to make their masterpieces.

The good news: It was a lot of fun and the kids made some incredible stuff.

The bad news: It took awhile to clean up afterward.

Here's some photographic evidence.
Ava used a toy car to paint a rainbow.
Caleb covered marbles in paint and then rolled them over his page.
Eva streaked paint across her masterwork with a toy car.
Kaylee dips marbles in paint.
Lily uses the straw to create texture in her painting.
Ruthie begins with a single dab of paint and a straw.
I told you there was a mess.
Studio MPL is open to any child from first through fifth grade. Next month's session will be Jan. 20at our Main Branch. The kids will be making Scribble Art with pens and ink. You can register for it here.

For more photos from our Studio MPL session, check out our Facebook page. For more information on programs and events for children, teens and adults at Mentor Public Library, visit

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