Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nothing Trashy About Trash Art

It's called Trash Art.

You take what remainders and leftovers and refuse you have and you turn it into something beautiful.

This Monday, we opened up our supply closet and gave the odds and ends to Studio MPL kids to make Trash Art.
After all, one child's trash is another child's art supplies.

The kids transformed pipe cleaners, scraps of paper, buttons, bows, recycled toys, computer parts and other sundry into gardens, beaches and smiling faces.
We were surprised what the kids created, but we weren't surprised that the kids were able to create something.

Because these kids have imagination by the kilo-Seuss. (A "Seuss" is the metric unit for imagination.)
If you haven't heard of Studio MPL, these kids are all sorts of spectacular.

They meet on the third Monday of each month and explore a different form of artistic expression. Just this fall, they've already learned different shading techniques for colored pencils and made Henri Matisse-style prints.

Studio MPL is open to any child from first through fifth grade. Next month's session will be Dec. 16 at our Main Branch. You can register for it here.

For more photos from our Studio MPL session, check out our Facebook page. For more information on programs and events for children, teens and adults at Mentor Public Library, visit

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