Monday, November 4, 2013

Bring the Film Festival to You With IndieFlix

Let's say you want to watch I Love Sarah Jane, but you can't afford a trip to the Sundance Film Festival.

(If you haven't heard of Sarah Jane, it's a neat short film about 13-year-old named Jimbo with a crush. Also, there are zombies. It's one of my favorite entries in the post-apocalyptic, teens-with-bows-and-arrows oeuvre.)
Meet Jimbo.
So what can you do without a ticket to Park City, Utah?

Well, if you have a Mentor Public Library card, you can watch it for free on IndieFlix.

Not just Sarah Jane either. You can watch hundreds of shorts and feature-length films from cinematic festivals all around the world. Sundance, Cannes, places you can't imagine -- their films are available to you for free.

You can stream as many of them as you want on your computer, smartphone or tablet. And all you need is your library card.

IndieFlix also has classic films too.

Like zombies? After you finish watching Sarah Jane, check out George Romero's Night of the Living Dead -- one of the scariest and most influential movies ever made. IndieFlix also has classics like Nosferatu, The Little Shop of Horrors and The Invisible Man if you're putting together a Halloween playlist.

If you fancy yourself a cinephile, you owe it to yourself to check out IndieFlix. If you don't consider yourself a movie buff, you should still give IndieFlix a look. You'll still find something you love -- something you wouldn't find on NetFlix or YouTube.

No excuses: We even made a step-by-step video, explaining how to sign up for and navigate IndieFlix.
So catch a short during your lunch break. Watch a movie with your family when you get home. (I guess you could even watch a movie during your lunch break if your boss doesn't care about that sort of thing.)

But you should check out IndieFlix. You have not idea what you're missing until you look.

If you prefer streaming video to downloading movies or checking out DVDS, you can also check out Hoopla for more mainstream offerings. They have music too. And it's all free with your Mentor Public Library card.

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