Monday, March 24, 2014

Welcome to Superhero School

Brian practices rescuing civilians (in this case, a stuffed raccoon) from a tall building,
Superheroes aren't born. They don't climb from the crib and start fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

No, superheroes are made. And where are they made?

Superhero school.
Rileigh practices leaping over a building in a single bound.
Mentor Public Library held a session of Superhero School last Wednesday. Tiny future Flashes, Wonder Women and Captain Americas leaped tall building (blocks,) rescued civilians and trained on our obstacle course.

They also made their own Wonder bracelets in case they have to deflect any oncoming projectiles. (Note: Wonder bracelets may not be able to deflect anything denser than a balled-up piece of paper.)
But they do look awesome.
For more photos from our Superhero School, visit our Facebook page.

For more information on programs and events for kids and adults, visit the event calendar on our website.
This photo is probably better (and at least more adorable) than any inevitable Justice League film.

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