Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Studio MPL kids practice their inking

Last time the Studio MPL kids got together, they made a bit of a mess. (That's what happens when you channel Jackson Pollock.)

This Monday, our art club for kids practiced their inking and penwork; so the work was cleaner but no less impressive.

Don't believe me? Check out the photos:
Don't be distracted by the fuzzy purple hood or the green sequin bow. Gavyn's doing some precise inkwork.
Kaylee concentrates on her inking.
Caleb confers with Ms. Judy.
Studio MPL is open to any child from first through fifth grade. Next month's session will be Feb. 17at our Main Branch. You can register for it here.

For more photos from our Studio MPL session, check out our Facebook page. For more information on programs and events for children, teens and adults at Mentor Public Library, visit www.mentorpl.org.

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