Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Week in Adorable: Our American Girl Book Club Makes a Quilt

Our American Girl Book Club had its first meeting of the year last Wednesday.

They met Kirsten, worked together to make a quilt and played pick-up sticks.

But why talk about it when I can show you the pictures?

Isabella Glauser and Sushmita Rajan arrange different fabrics to see how they want to design their quilt squares
Bela Moore layers her fabric swatches.
The girls worked together to make their quilt.
Katie Klepcyk signs her finished quilt square.
Abby Colbow puts the finishing touches on her square.
Jacquelyn Minich and Isabella play pick-up stick when they're finished with their quilt.
The book club will meet Marie Grace and Cecile during its next meeting on Feb. 5.

If you have a girl who is between eight and 12 years, then they can join the fun. They don't need a doll or anything like that. However, they should read Meet Marie Grace and Meet Cecile beforehand so they can participate in the discussion.

You can register your child for the book club on our web site or by calling (440) 255-8811 ext. 221.

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