Monday, February 16, 2015

A 'mini' party with mega fun at Mentor Library

Lynn laughs it up with her doll, Sarah, during the American Girl party at Mentor Library on Valentine's Day.
About half of the guests at Mentor Library's Valentine's Day party were only 18 inches tall. They were, after all, American Girl dolls.

But their short stature fit the party's pastiche. The kids who came to our party Saturday played mini-games, made tiny clothes for their dolls and snacked on mini pizzas.

The only thing that wasn't 'mini' at this party was the fun.
Olivia made a party hat and horn for her American girl doll, Samantha.
The girls got to decorate their dolls for the party, making them tiny party horns—yes, that's apparently what you call those little blower things—and hats.

And the snacks may have been for the kids, but they were still delightfully lilliputian. The girls made little ice cream cones by scooping ice cream into Bugles and tiny cakes with cookies and frosting.
The girls made tiny cakes for their dolls using cookies and frosting.
If your kid (or kids) love American Girl, we have a club dedicated to their books.

Our American Girl Book Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss a different American Girl book and make a new craft. (We've made everything from rag dolls to dreamcatchers to guacamole.)

Our next meeting is 4 p.m. on March. 4 in the children’s section of our Main Branch on Mentor Avenue. The girls will be meeting Caroline.

You can register your child for the book club on our web site or by calling (440) 255-8811 ext. 221.
Party like an American Girl.
For more photos from our American Girl party, visit Mentor Library's Facebook page.

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