Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's a Kung Fu Panda Party

Karate for Kids gave a free demonstration during our Kung Fu Panda kickoff party.
Kids kicked it during our Kung Fu Panda party last week. (Get it? Kicked it?)

It started with a free martial arts demonstration from Karate for Kids. Then the children learned more about Chinese culture and cuisine with a tea tasting.

Finally, the kids tested their own Kung Fu acumen with an obstacle course and chopstick challenge.
Wyatt balances a cup of tea while running our obstacle course.
For more programs at Mentor Public Library, visit our event calendar.

Also if you want to have a Kung Fu Panda marathon with your family, you can borrow the first and second film, the holiday special, and episodes of Legends of Awesomeness from us.

Finally, you can see more photos from our Kung Fu Panda party on our Facebook page.
Violet tests her dexterity by moving a dumpling, noodle, and bamboo shoot using only chopsticks.

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