Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Studio MPL has a creative Christmas

Giselle practices perspective by drawing a snowman.
Giselle practices perspective by drawing a snowman.

Studio MPL, our art club for kids, took a break from studying old masters, creating imaginary friends, making sun catchers, painting sunsets, weaving, and trying out pointillism to relax.

The young artists made ornaments and practiced perspective by sketching snowmen.
Maria decorates her ornament during the Studio MPL meeting.
Studio MPL meets on the third Monday of each month. If your kid likes art—any kind of art—they can join the fun!

Next month’s session will be Jan. 18 at our Main Branch. You can register for it here.
Dharmesh shows his progress on his snowman.
For more photos from Studio MPL, visit Mentor Public Library’s Facebook page.

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