Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jedi Training at Mentor Public Library

Marschall takes it up a notch by turning his storm trooper mask into a Ty Fighter helmet.
We had a Jedi Training session on Saturday at our Main Branch. Young padawans practiced their lightsaber skills, agility and more.

They also got crafty, making their own storm trooper masks and BB-8 droids.
The 501st Legion tries to arrest another young Jedi during MPL's training session.
The special program celebrated The Force Awakens, the newest Star Wars film.

If your kid loves Star Wars, we have dozens of Star Wars books that can get him or her excited about reading too.

We also have Star Wars books for teens and adults, by the way, as well video games, DVDs of the TV shows and (naturally) the movies that started it all.

Mentor Public Library can be your go-to locale for Star Wars media, whether you're looking for a book to share with your child or the movies for a Star Wars marathon.
The padawans practice their lightsaber techniques on these inflatable storm troopers.
For a lot more photos from our Star Wars program, check out Mentor Public Library's Facebook page.

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