Monday, March 9, 2015

Becoming the artist you want to be with Mentor Library

Artist Sandy D'amico offers some suggestions to Anne during a Basic Drawing class at Mentor Library.
Do you know what it takes to be an artist?

You have to create art. That's it.

It doesn't have to be the most incredible art ever. Nobody has to offer you a million dollars to display your work in their gallery.

You just have to create.

And if you want to be an artist, we can help.

This month, we're hosting a series a basic drawing classes for adults with artist Sandy D'Amico at our Main Branch.

During our first class Thursday, we practiced sketching basic shapes—spheres, cubes, pyramids and the like. As the classes continue, we'll learn how to draw more complicated figures.
Rick fills his sketchpad during our Basic Drawing class.
If that sounds like fun to you, we're also hosting a series of free intermediate drawing classes in May. Registration for them begins April 13.

But you don't need to wait until May to get started. We have dozens of books and DVDs to help teach you how to draw, paint, sculpt and even direct your own videos. You can also take free art, music, graphic design and digital photography classes through Gale Courses with your library card. (The city of Mentor also offers some fun arts classes you can try.)

Don't worry if you can't draw a straight line yet or all of your paintings look like acrylic explosions. Keep doing it, practice, have fun, take a class at the library—it's how you get better.

Stimulate your curiosity. You may never become a great artist, but it will make you a better person.
Cynthia starts with simple shapes during our Basic Drawing class.
For more information on programs and events at Mentor Public Library, visit our online event calendar.

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