Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Super Awesome Summer Fun-Time Video Countdown

It's too soon to eulogize the summer of 2013.

Our end-of-summer party isn't until August 15; and children still have about two weeks until school begins again.

(Yes, kids, only about two weeks. Mentor Schools restart on August 21; Lake Catholic, August 22; and St. Mary's orientation day is August 26.)

Sure, we still have some fun stuff coming up. (I'm especially stoked for the Abbey Road concert and for Holi on the Lawn -- stoked enough to use the word "stoked.") But that doesn't mean we can't take stock of how awesome a summer this has been.

And, in my humble opinion, the best way to do that is with a TRL-style video countdown.

5. Ronald McDonald teaches kids that readers are leaders

The moral of Ronald's lesson is both true and important, but it's his juggling skills that have me absolutely fascinated.

4. Teens beat the buzzer in Minute to Win It competition

In case you were wondering, two of the teens managed to successfully move their cookie from forehead to mouth using only their facial muscles.

I tried it twice myself. All I got was broken cookies.

3. Mentor's Rock Roots come home to roost

I refuse to pick a favorite band from our Mentor Rock's Roots concert series, which featured four homegrown bands from in and around Mentor.

Instead, I'll link to performances from all three concerts and you can tell me who your favorite was:

2. Constructing catapults at the Lake Branch

True to Lyndsey Gvora's hopes, a lot of the kids who participated that day said, "Wow, I didn't know I could do that."

1. Becoming a library ninja

This is my favorite library video of the summer so far; but, as I said before, the summer isn't over yet.

For more information on programs and events happening at the Mentor Public Library, visit www.mentorpl.org.

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