Monday, August 12, 2013

Wholly Holi at the Mentor Public Library

Sometimes, the visuals tell the story better than words ever could.

On Friday, we held our Holi on the Lawn program.

Holi is a religious and cultural holiday that's celebrated in India to commemorate the coming of spring.

Revelers celebrate Holi with bonfires, music, dancing and by throwing brightly colored powder or water at one another.

In the west, Holi is best known for these playful and colorful celebrations. (Hence, Holi also being known as the Festival of Colors.)

Teens had a chance to learn about Indian culture and get messy – really messy – during our program Friday.

But enough words -- here are the pictures.
Before they tossed around any colored powder or water balloons, the teens painted a banner that will hang in the Young Adult section of Mentor Public Library.
Even the painting got messy. Here, Shelby Woodside shows off her Hulk hands.
And then the colored powder and water balloons started flying.
Danni McDonald sprinkles a handful of green powder onto Maria Calderone.
Taylor Crow catches a faceful of red powder.
Eric Brown closes his eyes moments before getting dusted with a handful of purple powder.
Danni McDonald also sprinkled some purple powder on Michael Wilkinson.
Got to love the after shots. Michael Wilkinson and Danni McDonald are all smiles despite being covered in powder and water.
Eric Brown gives his best impression of a Jackson Pollock painting.
Meanwhile, Maria Calderone looks like she's wearing war paint.
Shelby Woodside and Taylor Crow smile for the camera.
In case you're wondering, the banner translates (roughly) to "Relax, it's Holi."
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