Thursday, January 14, 2016

Make your own Harry Potter T-Shirts

Kids made their own Harry Potter shirts at our Lake Branch, and you can do the same!
Kids made their own Harry Potter shirts earlier this year at our Lake Branch; and it was awesome, except for one thing.

You didn't get a shirt.

But we can fix that with the crafting experience of MPL Library Associate Ragan Snead. Follow her instructions, and you'll have your own personal Potterverse shirt to rock. Fabulosa!

Here's what you'll need:
  1. A simple, bold Harry Potter design (Spend some time searching the Internet, especially Pinterest, for one you like.)
  2. Cardstock
  3. Fabric paint
  4. Scissors or Exacto knife
  5. T-shirt (Any light-colored shirt will work, but the craft is easiest with a white shirt.)
  1. Pick your Harry Potter-related design. The simpler it is to cut out, the easier your life will be.
  2. Print the design on cardstock and cut it out using an Exacto knife or scissors.
  3. Put an extra piece of cardstock inside the T-shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through to the back.
  4. Paint your design using fabric paint. For our craft, we used fabric paint in spray bottles giving the design a splattered look. With this method, you can get creative with what colors you use and how dark or light you want them.
  5. After you are finished painting, let the t-shirt dry for about 30 minutes before removing the stencil. The more paint you use the longer it will take to dry.
  6. After the paint is completely dry it can be washed normally.

For more fun and crafty programs at Mentor Public Library, visit our event calendar.

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