Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Get the latest news from Mentor Public Library using Bluubeam

Mentor Public Library always has something going on—whether it be an interesting talk, fun program for kids, or a new digital service—but one downside to being so busy is that it’s easy to miss something

So Mentor Library is using Bluubeam beacons to keep patrons up to speed.

The beacons use Bluetooth technology to beam messages directly to their phones—but only if the patron wants to receive them.

If someone wants to receive these helpful messages, they only need to download the Bluubeam app onto their smartphone—free at the iTunes or Google Play stores—and turn on their Bluetooth while at any of the Mentor Public Library branches.

The beacons are location specific, which means the message a patron receives will be tailored to where they are in the library.

For example, if someone enters the children’s area at Mentor Library’s main branch, they may get an update about a special story time or program.

Mentor Library has installed Bluubeam beacons at all three of its branches and even on its Pop-Up Library, which distributes free books around the community.

For more information on Bluubeam, patrons can ask a librarian about it or check it out themselves at any of the library’s branches.

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