Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kids armor up during the Cool Knights program at Mentor Library

Alyssa takes a close look at a helmet that is hundreds of years old.
Ever wished you could get closer to the exhibits at the museum—so close you could touch them?

The kids who came to our Cool Knights program got to do just that.

They got to see, touch and even wear real armor from the European Middle Ages and Renaissance on Wednesday evening at Mentor Library’s Main Branch.

The armor was from the Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection and included a gauntlet, crossbow bolt, close helmet, breastplate, vambrace and more.

The kids also got to learn about where the armor originated and how it was used.
Nicolas sees what it's like to wear a knight's gauntlet.
For more information on Mentor Library's children's programs, check out our event calendar. For more photos from our Cool Knights program, visit our Facebook page.

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