Friday, September 25, 2015

Young artists get the point (as in pointillism) at Studio MPL

Kaylee recreates La Grande Jatte using the same pointillist technique that Seurat innovated.
Studio MPL—Mentor Public Library’s art club for kids—tried their hand at pointillism and learned about the art style’s founder, George Seurat, on Monday, Sept. 21.

Lisa Layton, the children’s library associate in charge of Studio MPL, also explained how computers and digitally animated films use pointillism.

“The pixels they use to draw those are just another form of dots,” Layton said. “Seurat did that more than 100 years ago, so let’s give it up for George.”
Colin blends different shades of blue to create the water.
The children then tried their own hand at making their own version of Seurat’s masterpiece, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. They received an outline of the famous park scene and could color it however they wanted, but they had to use Seurat’s pointillist style.

Every month, Studio MPL takes on a new art project. They’ve created imaginary friends, made sun catchers, painted sunsets, weaved and even garnered inspiration from Jackson Pollock.
Circles can be used to make all kinds of art. Remo experiments with making different kinds of eyes, using felt circles.
Studio MPL meets on the third Monday of each month. If your kid likes art—any kind of art—they can join the fun.

Next month’s session will be Oct. 19 at Mentor Public Library’s Main Branch. The kids will learn about Vincent Van Gogh.
Giselle concentrates on her artwork.
For more photos from Studio MPL, visit Mentor Library's Facebook page.

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