Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stop by our NyanCon booth at Lakeland Community College on Saturday!

Saturday, October 4, will henceforth be called Caturday, in honor of NyanCon, the Anime and Pop Culture Convention taking place at Lakeland Community College from noon to 9 p.m.

NyanCon is a nod to Nyan Cat, the YouTube sensation that made everyone want to get up and dance, and then quickly stop dancing and get annoyed, and then want to eat Pop-Tarts. I can’t really explain it any better than that, so maybe you should just watch it
I guess I could have mentioned streaming rainbows.

Here’s a description of NyanCon from the convention’s website:
NyanCon is Lakeland Community College’s premier anime event. This is a full one-day event, free and open to students and the public. NyanCon is an all-fandoms convention where anyone with an interest in anime, gaming, comic books, science fiction, fantasy or any other geeky fandom can convene in a fun, welcoming atmosphere. NyanCon is appropriate for all ages with programming ratings and a section just for kids. We're proud to offer panels on a variety of subjects, a cosplay contest, full gaming area complete with dance, band, video, board, tabletop and card games with tournaments, video rooms, a vendors and artists section, NyanCon theater and so much more!
Here’s the gist:

It’s free.

It’s for anyone interested in anime, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming.
The library will be there with cool things to do, a raffle, and great books and movies to check out (so bring your Mentor Library card!)

What else do you have to do this Caturday? Stop by NyanCon and don’t forget to say hi to your local public librarians Meredith and Marilyn!

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