Monday, October 28, 2013

Trick or Treat on Halloween at Mentor Public Library

Halloween costumes are kind of like wedding dresses.

Your children put a lot of effort into picking the right one, but then they only get to wear it once.

If your kids want to get an extra use out of their costume (or if they just want to get a jump start on Trick or Treating,) they can wear it to the Mentor Public Library on Halloween and get candy.

(Don't tell the kids, but we'll let them have candy even if they don't wear a costume. We just prefer when the kids dress up, because it's more adorable.)
See, more adorable.
We'll be giving away candy all Halloween (or, at least, until we run out.) You don't have to register or anything like that. Just bring your kids and get some candy.

You can also check out a book or a movie while you're here, if you want. We are a library, after all.

We love Halloween at Mentor Public Library, so most of us here will probably be in costume too.
I think this photo is from last year's Halloween, but who knows for sure? Maybe it was just a Wednesday.
Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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