Monday, September 16, 2013

Lowe's at the Library Teaches You How to Be That Guy

Everybody has that person they turn to when they have a home improvement project.

For some people, it's an in-law; for others, a handy cousin. Maybe the person's not a professional, but you wouldn't fix a leaky sink or re-seed your lawn without consulting them first.

Everybody has their DIY Guy. (To be clear, we're using "guy" in a gender-neutral sense. For a lot of people, their guy is a woman.)

But if you go to Lowe's at the Library, you can be that guy.

Lowe's at the Library is a series we host at Mentor Public Library where professionals from Lowe's talk you through home-improvement and landscaping projects.

For example, the Lowe's pros talked about building a deck or pergola last week.
The month before, they offered tips for painting the outside of your house.

While an evening's worth of knowledge might not make you an expert, it can be the difference between hiring a contractor and having the confidence to do something yourself. (In other words, it can save you money.)

The next Lowe's session is Oct. 30. The pros will talk about fall cleanup and prepping your lawn for winter.

That's something most of us -- dilettante and professional alike -- will have to do; so, if you want a leg up, come to Lowe's at the Library. You can register here.

And remember -- you can be that guy.

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