Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Speak Softly & Carry A Duct-Tape Sword

Our Anime Club made duct-tape swords and shields -- and I think I see a scythe back there -- during their most recent meeting Saturday.
My love for our anime club is pretty well documented here; and, while I hate to feature a club to the exclusion of others, the anime club keeps doing awesome stuff!

At their most recent meeting on Saturday, July 27, they made swords, shields and scythes out of duct tape.
They also perfected their warrior faces.
And they're still wearing costumes. This time, Meagan McLaughlin came dressed as Terezi Pyrope of MS Paint Adventures.
Yes, I had to Google "Pyrope" to make sure I spelled it right.
The Anime Club's next meeting is August 24. They'll be watching one of Hayao Miyazaki's classic Studio Ghibli films. (They haven't decided which one. My vote's for Totoro.) They will also make candy sushi.

Drop by if you like. You can register here.

We have a lot of other fun events for teens coming up in the next week or two, including:

  • Storyteller Jim Kleefeld will share macabre and miraculous true stories later today (July 30) during Tales from Beyond.
  • We close out our Mentor’s Rock Roots: Celebrating Homegrown Bands concert series with a split performance by Cheap Clone and Hedgehog's Dilemma on July 31. (As you probably guessed from its name, the concert series features bands from in and around Mentor).
  • On August 3 (this upcoming Saturday,) teens can compete and win prizes in our Minute-to-Win-It Competition. (Register here and dress for a mess.)
  • Then, on August 9, teens can celebrate Holi on our Read House lawn. Holi is a Hindu festival of color in which people celebrate the salvation of Prahlada, a follower of Vishnu who also happens to be the son of the great king of demons. People celebrate by surprising one another with brightly colored paint and powders. (In that way, it's a bit like paintball.) Feel free to join our celebration, but bring a white shirt and old clothes you don't mind getting messy.
You can always check out our event calendar at www.mentorpl.org to see more programs for teens, kids and adults.

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