Friday, June 7, 2013

Story Time with the Sterling Morton Kindergartners

Once a month, the kindergartners from the nearby Sterling Morton Elementary School walk to our Mentor Headlands Library branch for story time.

Then, one our children's library associates -- this week, it was Judy Schulz -- reads to the kids and leads them in songs and dances.

Now, I could write 1,500 words describing how nice it is to watch the kids enjoy reading or I could just post the photos. And the photos are really cute.

I assume you would prefer to see the photos:

Trisha Schock from Sterling Morting walks the kids to the library.

Trick question. Before reading the kids "The Day my Mom Came with me to Kindergarten," Judy asked the children if any of them were in kindergarten.

In the aforementioned book, the mom answers a question with "Dinosaur!" I think "Dinosaur!" is a pretty good answer for most questions.

For example: "How are you feeling today?" "Dinosaur!"

Judy also read the kids "Again!" (which stars a cranky, princess-eating dragon) and "Princesses on the Run." (In "Princesses on the Run," Rapunzel decides to bob her hair so it's easier to manage and Sleeping Beauty improves her energy levels by doing yoga.)

And, then, the kids hopped on one foot.

The kids dance along to a song where they are instructed to spin around...

And then freeze like a statue.

More story time? Sounds fun.

Kindergartners pretending to sleep while standing up, cute. The girl on the left's "Voted Most Lovable" shirt, even cuter.

The kids were told to hide. One child tried harder than the rest.

Yeah, this seems like an appropriate way to end this photo gallery.

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